Monday, March 16, 2009

CMYKern check it out!

This website is pretty cool, it has everything from photography to typography to well anything print and design related. They even have some interesting books.This is a good site full of various design information.

What is Gluekit????

Hey guys!this is a cool website I thought you may be interested in.When your cursor skims over each tab it makes the super Mario brothers sound!It has some pretty cool graphic design and typography! :) 

Bureau of Labor Statistics

I recently read this on the bureau of labor statistics website, and found some of this information interesting.For example it shows that there will be an increase for designers who do web design as well as animation.According to the website, Employment of graphic designers is expected to grow 10 percent.check out the website, it has other interesting facts regarding current issues regarading Graphic Design and the employment rate.Here is the website: