Monday, January 26, 2009

A sense of connection in the design community

Graphic Design is  visual communication;to be able to communicate a thought,viewq or idea by means of various images. As designers we are able to get our ideas across through imagery.It is helpful and important that we not keep to ourselves,only Reading books,magazine,blogs,Internet,etc. but get out and connect with other like minded people within the design community.Or even not so like minded people;even if there are people w/in the design community you do not necessarily agree with in terms of aesthetic or ideas,inspiration can still arise. 
Getting involved and connected with other people in your field helps improve,motivate and inspire your own creative works,not to mention networking can lend a hand in this filed when it comes to employment!

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  1. That is a great book cover. It definetly convince me to check it out. I aggree as far as keeping connections book and magazines dont just do the trick, getting out and exchanging idieas with other designers helps much more.